Verdict pending for man in 2010 quadruple homicide in Ripley Co., MO

RIPLEY COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - The man accused of killing four people in Ripley County in 2010 had a bench trial January 28-30.

More than eight years after the murders of two couples of Ripley County, Keith Boyles will hear his outcome. Judge Pritchett announced he will announce his verdict on Friday, February 8.

In 2010 the bodies of Gladys Irene Piatt and Loyd Piatt were found dead in their burned home. Three weeks later, the bodies of Edgar Atkinson and Bonnie Chase were found in their burned home.

During the investigation, it was discovered that Atkinson and Chase were shot first, then the home was burned. The bodies of the Piatts were exhumed and they were also found to have been shot to death.

Four people were arrested in the case: David Youngblood, his wife Melissa, their daughter Chantale and Chantale’s boyfriend Keith Boyles.

In 2012, David Youngblood pleaded guilty to the murders of the Piatts, Ed Atkinson and Bonnie Chase. He was sentenced to life in prison on each count to be served consecutively.

Melissa Youngblood was found guilty in February 2013 on two counts of murder in the deaths of Ed Atkinson and Bonnie Chase. She was sentenced to two life sentences in prison in April 2013.

Chantale Youngblood pleaded guilty in July 2013 to the lesser charges of four counts of second-degree murder. In August 2013, she was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Keith Boyles is the last person accused of the murders to stand trial. In 2016, there was a mistrial in his case.

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