String of break-ins and thefts hit the Bollinger Co. area

String of break-ins and thefts in Bollinger Co.

MARBLE HILL, MO (KFVS) - It’s a scary time for some Bollinger County residents and business owners.

Residents told Heartland News there’s been a continuous thread of break-ins and robberies in the area, including 11 in one night.

People affected said the number of neighbors hit is alarming and this needs to be stopped.

"A lot of people are real concerned over it, and it's just out of hand right at the moment it seems like. There's been lots of break-ins since they came to the farm that night,” said Keith Brotherton.

He said he found his farm gate locks cut and shed door open a few weeks ago. Also, according to Brotherton, robbers took about 4 to 5 thousand dollars worth of tools, including old saws passed down from his father and father-in-law.

"That's a couple of things. All you other using stuff you can replace, but those things you can't,” said Brotherton.

He also said someone broke in this past November as well.

"It seems like you hear of somebody new every day,” said Brotherton.

One store owner and victim said he’s too scared to go on camera and another woman also wants to remain anonymous after what happened to her.

"We were just on the list and it happened to be an easy spot for him,” said the woman.

The thief pried open her office window, shattered it, and took more than $1 thousand worth of money and gift cards for clients.

"The sadness of getting ya know feeling violated, and not personally, but ya know what was on my desk and what was important things to me and pictures and stuff. It's just aggravating that people are whoever this is, is doing it to terrorize everybody,” said the woman.

Victims said criminals also stole from people in Advance, Chaffee and Oran. The most recent incident was last night, but the communities are on watch and protecting each other.

"It's one of those things you think it's never going to happen to me, while it'll happen to you. It's scary. That's not why we live in our Bollinger County,” said the woman.

Both Brotherton and the woman said they reported everything to police.

We called the Bollinger County Sheriff’s Department and the sheriff is out today and no one else could give a statement. We will check back tomorrow.

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