Heartland school supplies female students with hygiene products

School supplies female students with hygiene products

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Cape Girardeau Central Middle School is supplying a group of female students with hygiene products for a year.

The group of students consists of 85 female middle school students that are part of a mentoring program called the Tiger LILIES (Ladies Inspiring a Legacy of Inspirational and Excellent Sisterhood).

School leaders applied for a grant to help supply the students with the feminine products provided by Always and Walmart.

Central Middle School Guidance Counselor Becky Wright said it's important to have those products on hand and available at all times for these students.

"Our Tiger LILIES range in age from 9 to 12," Wright said. "They are just starting to go through puberty and it's a really hard time in their lives, their confidence can be really shot down and you have this tremendous life experience in the middle of all that. So we want to make sure the girls have what they need when they need it."

Wright said they will have a lot of the items on hand there at the school but also will be able to provide the students with all the necessary supplies to take home with them as well. Without these products, Wright said that can be an issue for students at school when they don't have the essentials they need at the time they need it.

"That can lead to either girls leaving school early, girls not coming to school at all, after school athletics and all kinds of after school events they may not participate in because they don't have it. They can become embarrassed or uncomfortable."

Wright further explained that this is an area that some might not think about being an important staple in a young female's life so they can focus on educational and social growth.

"I think people just don't even realize, not only having the products but having the peace of mind of knowing they are there when you need them," Wright said. "This is a very nervous age for girls. We've all been there when we're caught off guard and just to know that you have a safety net is going to be essential."

A truck dropped off the supplies on Wednesday to the school. The supplies consist of socks, maxi pads, toiletry bags and more. Included is an educational book so parents or guardians can work with the girls on a variety of areas to help them throughout their growth experiences.

"We are going to be communicating with parents about what their need is and sending things home with information," Wright added. "Not only are their products, but this also came with an awesome curriculum to work with girls about confidence, their body and how things are changing."

The girls in the Tiger LILIES program meet after school for meetings, mentorship and different activities.

Wright said Tiger LILIES always accepts any donations as well for their program.

Anyone interested in helping can call the Cape Central Middle School at 573-334-6281.

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