Families of shooting victims file lawsuit against Marshall Co. School Dist.

School to blame for deadly KY shooting according to lawsuit

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - The families of students at Marshall County High School, who were victims of a shooting in January 2018, have filed a lawsuit against the school district.

Families of shooting victims file lawsuit against Marshall Co. School District

The suit filed in state court on Monday, January 21 names the estate and parents of Bailey Holt, along with the families of three other students. Bailey Holt died in the shooting.

Preston Cope, the second student who died in the shooting, is not represented in the suit. Neither are his parents.

It alleges the school district, superintendent and others did not take proper action to secure the school nor protect its students from the deadly shooting that took place one year ago on Wednesday at Marshall County High School.

Other defendants named in the suit include Board of Education members, the principal, assistant principals, school resource officer, counselor, along with criminal defendant Gabriel Parker’s mother, stepfather and Parker himself. There were also other unknown defendants and unknown counselors.

According to the suit, the school system and employees should have known about “Gabriel Parker’s dangerous propensities and failed to take any action to monitor, report intervene or prevent” his actions.

The suit alleges there were no security cameras in place, nor impediments to prevent someone from entering the common area with a loaded weapon. It claims district leaders “had a duty to the deceased Bailey Holt...[and other plaintiffs]...to exercise due care for their safety while they were students at Marshall County High School.”

The suit goes on to claim the district “failed to implement an appropriate Emergency Action Plan and failed to comply with policies, procedures and protocols.”

According to the suit, an unknown counselor allegedly knew Parker was dangerous based on information Parker gave to that counselor and that person allegedly did not report it to police.

A dollar amount was not mentioned in the suit, but it does seek a judgement including “compensatory and punitive damages” against the school defendants, Parker’s parents, Parker himself and the unknown counselors.

A trial was also requested.

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