Tow companies busy during winter weather

Tow companies busy during winter weather

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - Tow companies were very busy ever since the snow started falling Saturday afternoon.

Many people who braved the roadways unfortunately had to leave them behind after getting stuck, sliding off the roadway or worse.

We spoke with N & S Towing out of Jackson, Mo who said they have been working diligently clearing the roadways and helping get those cars back in the driver’s hands.

“We’ve been to about 18 calls and about 10 of them today,” N & S Towing Owner Casey Nabors said. “We have more to go do like scheduled recoveries. Like this one here, we are going to have to get it scheduled out and do a little bit when it gets a little drier and get a bigger piece of equipment here to get it out.”

Nabors said they could only work up to a certain time Saturday night after getting the necessary vehicles out of harm’s way.

"We started about 7 p.m. last night. People started sliding off the roads," Nabors said. "We started going up on I-55 and getting everybody off there. It got to about 9 p.m. where we just started telling people they're going to have to leave their vehicles there overnight and we'll just come back today and get them."

Nabors said, due to safety concerns, police and his crew didn't want to be out on the dangerous roadways if the vehicles were out of the driving lanes. Nabors said he knows the dangers of the roads all too well as a worker of his had a close call with another vehicle last year.

"Last February I actually had one of my rollbacks hit on Main Street here in Jackson and got it totaled out," Nabors explained. "Somebody wasn't paying attention to what they were doing and they hit my rollback and barely missed my driver."

Crews were able to clear a lot of the main roads on Sunday to where they were drive-able and even back to normal status. Even some side roads in cities across the Heartland improved some. However, when the sun dropped Sunday evening, so did the temperatures once again which will cause refreezing on the roadways.

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