Space heater safety tips

Space heater safety tips

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - It’s one of the coldest days of winter in the Heartland yet, so you might pull out a space heater for extra warmth.

But, there’s a few things to remember if you do so.

The Branch Manager of Aire Solutions, Greg Brown, said space heaters easily overload electrical circuits. This heats up wires and could start a fire.

According to Brown, this causes more fires during the winter than anything else.

Also, keep an extra eye on your space heaters.

“Don’t leave anything unattended. Make sure you’re there to watch it at all times. You wouldn’t want to leave any of that stuff running with nobody there. Too much stuff can go wrong," said Brown.

He recommends buying space heaters that automatically turn off if they’re on for too long or get knocked over.

Also be mindful of objects around the space heater and make sure the area is clear of flammable material.

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