Death investigation underway after believed body of missing Dowell, IL man found

Body found of believed missing southern IL man

DOWELL, IL (KFVS) - A death investigation is underway after the body of a believed missing southern Illinois man was found.

According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, William Stroud, 43, of Dowell, was reported missing on Thursday, January 17.

The body was found in a remote area of Campbell Pond in Jackson County on Thursday, March 21.

Family members of Stroud have not heard from him, which led them to report him missing with the Du Quoin Police Department.

An autopsy has been scheduled.

The Du Quoin Police Department, Perry County Sheriff’s Office, the Jackson County Coroner’s Office and the Jackson County Ambulance Service assisted in the search.

Multiple agencies and Stroud family had been searching Campbell Pond in rural Perry and Jackson Counties in January 2019.

Agencies had used drones in January to fly several miles of the area, looking for Stroud. They say the area had been severely flooded and a walking the land to search was not practical.

After several days of investigation, it was determined William Stroud may have been a passenger in car that led Perry County sheriff’s deputies on a chase into the Campbell Pond area off of Campbell Road. They say the driver and passenger of the vehicle got out and ran from police.

Law enforcement tried to find the two that evening. They used the K-9 team in the search, but they were not found.

Later, investigators were able to get a potential identity of the driver and passenger.

The driver is suspected to have been another Dowell, Ill. man.

According to the Perry County Sheriff’s Office, sources told law enforcement they were able to contact the man. Investigators say attempts to speak to him about Stroud’s location had not been successful.

The driver was arrested on vehicle theft in Jackson and Perry counties and was booked into the Jackson County Jail.

According to Perry County Sheriff Steve Bareis, the man had questioned on the whereabouts of Stroud but the man was not cooperating with authorities at the time.

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