MoDOT, Chiefs fans get ready to handle wintry weekend

Weekend weather could bring black ice

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - If you’re traveling this weekend for the Kansas City Chiefs game or to get to church, the Missouri Department of Transportation says drivers need to be on the look out for icy roads.

A First Alert Action Day has been issued for Saturday, January 19 due to the impact of snow, ice and wind.

Two weekends in a row we’re dealing with ice and snow and one of the main issues this time is how cold it’s going to get with temperatures getting in the teens and even single digits.

MoDOT’s Southeast District Engineer Mark Shelton says one challenge with Saturday’s storm is the blast of cold air that could refreeze melted snow and ice overnight.

Shelton says black ice can appear anywhere and suggests drivers play it safe when a road appears wet and the temperature is below freezing.

"It's a very thin layer of ice that blends in with the asphalt and pavement and you just can't see it," Shelton said. "What to do. Avoid any type of quick braking always leave plenty of room between you and the driver in front of you. Try to avoid any kind of quick turns. Make all of those movements in a very slow, deliberate manner."

Francheska Lathrop is one of the many Chiefs fans that will be traveling to see the AFC Championships in Kansas City.

She’s been waiting her whole life to see this game and that is why she’s planning to leave early on Sunday morning just in case any crashes back up traffic.

“Well, I have a Jeep so we’ll probably all hop in that and use four wheel drive,” Lathrop said. “Luckily my parents live 50 miles outside of St. Louis so leaving from there Sunday morning won’t be as bad as leaving from Cape Girardeau. And you just drive slow, drive safe and get there on time.”

Shelton says MoDOT road crews will be using a salt and sand mixture after the rain Saturday to melt any remaining ice and add traction to roads.

MoDOT also warns clean-up from this storm may take even longer than last weekend because of the bitter cold temperatures.

If you plan on traveling at all this weekend, Shelton suggests downloading MoDOT’s road conditions map app which has updates on road conditions and live cameras to see what roads look like.

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