Heartland ER doctor warns to be careful walking on ice

Emergency rooms see increase in visits due to falls on the ice

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) -If you’re itching to get outside after a winter storm, one local doctor says you may want to think twice because of all the ice.

Emergency room staff said they see an increase in winter weather related injuries the day after a storm. So, you should be extra careful if you decide to venture outdoors.

“It seems like everyone’s pretty safe as the snow and ice is falling. It’s usually the next day or the day after that when they kind of get ya know cabin fever so to speak, and they want to get out. And that’s usually when those injuries occur," Dr. Wade Richey, Southeast Hospital Emergency Medicine Physician.

Make sure to keep your hands free and out of your pockets to catch yourself if you fall.

Dr. Richey also said to bring a phone with you when you go outside in case of an emergency.

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