Cyclist speaks out after hit-and-run accident in Cape Girardeau Co.

Cyclist speaks out after being hit by vehicle in Cape Girardeau Co.

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - A cyclist who was hit by a car in Cape Girardeau County wants to know why police aren’t filing charges after finding the suspected driver.

Misty Pifer just got out of the hospital on Thursday afternoon after authorities say a car hit her on her bicycle and drove off on Monday Jan. 14 on State Highway W.

Right now, she is nursing her injuries and trying to figure out why the driver did not stop.

“The only thing I could think about was how bad it hurt," she said. “I mean the pain was so intense."

Pifer rides her bicycle almost every day as a mode of transportation and because she likes to do it. On Monday night she decided to test out a new route on her bike, and that is what lead her to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“There are a couple of hills it gets really dark down there. I had on my head lamp," Pifer said. “I probably should have went down Highway W when it was daylight first, just to kind of map it all out and just see how the roads were because there is really not any space to bike down there, and you don’t realize how fast the cars go either.”

Pifer says she was near the right side of the road when a car hit her from behind and drove off. She remembers slamming into the vehicle’s side mirror.

“I was trying to call out ‘help me’ and I couldn’t get out anything. All I could do was moan," Pifer said. "My arm hurt. I couldn’t move my arm and I was bleeding everywhere.”

Luckily, a doctor from Southeast Health saw Pifer while driving by and stopped to help.

“He was a blessing. He really was," Pifer said. "And if it wasn’t for him I don’t know how long I would’ve been sitting there.”

Pifer was taken to Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis with a broken nose and multiple fractured bones in her face.

“The staff was awesome. Everybody was so helpful,” Pifer said. "They used some sort of instrument to straightened my nose out and they put plates in my cheeks because they said if I didn’t put plates that my face would heal up and it would sink in.”

Pifer has no sense of smell or taste and has to eat soft foods until the swelling goes down, but that is not where her troubles stop.

She says she is confused that police found the driver who hit her but do not expect to file any charges.

“I mean, look at what they did to me. Like you can just hit somebody leave them on the side of the road and that’s legal? It’s not right," Pifer said. "They didn’t even stop and help. I mean they broke the law. Cause when you are driving you are supposed to be aware of what you are doing. I’ve got hospital bills, you know I’m messed up for the rest of my life and they are never going to learn their lesson?”

According to Sgt. Parrott with Missouri State Highway Patrol, the driver told investigators they thought they hit a deer.

Pifer is expecting to get a police report in about a week and does not plan to get back on her bicycle anytime soon.

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