KSP Angel Initiative program helps people fight their drug addiction

KSP Angel Initiative program helps people fight their drug addiction

HOPKINS CO., KY (WFIE) - Since March of 2018, more than half a dozen people have been helped by one Kentucky State Police post, to fight their drug addiction.

The Angle Initiative is up and running across the state where troopers help addicts find appropriate treatment programs.

On this Angel Initiative brochure I was given today, it says, it’s not getting soft on crime. It’s about getting smart on rehabilitation.

Their goal is to save lives.

In March of 2018, Kentucky State Police started the Angel Initiative across the state. The purpose is to encourage people fighting addiction to help get off drugs.

Here’s how it works, the person can show up at the nearest state police post where they will be paired with a trooper who will begin looking for the best fit for treatment.

It’s voluntary, and although it may sound like a catch, the person will not be arrested or charged with any violations if they agree to participate in the program.

Eight people have been helped so far from the Madisonville post.

Opioids are one of their biggest challenges. The CDC says opioids killed more than 33,000 people in 2015, a trend they want to reverse.

Participants must be sober when they show up to the post. The person getting the help will be responsible for the treatment funding.

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