‘Eve,’ rare calico lobster, wows customers at seafood shop

Seafood store gets rare calico lobster

SILVER SPRING, MD (WJLA/CNN) – Call it hitting the lobster lottery.

An extremely rare lobster was caught in Maine, and she’s now living at a Maryland seafood shop.

But don’t worry, she’s not for dinner.

Ocean City Seafood in Silver Spring, MD, got the lobster days before Christmas.

Nicholas, the owner, said he was stunned to see the calico, a female he’s since named Eve.

Research has found that calicos, which have bright orange and yellow spots, come one-in-30 million.

Nicholas said aquariums in Boston and Atlanta have expressed interest in adopting Eve.

"From a $3,000 tank to a multimillion-dollar facility, I think I'll be happy for her. I'll go visit her one day,” Nicholas said. “I hope to see her again."

But for now, this spectacle of the sea is bringing joy to customers.

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