Private snow plows ready for a busy weekend

Snow plows ready to clear off sidewalks, parking lots

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Most of us see the snowy weekend as a let down and a safety concern but staff with private snow removal companies see nothing but dollar signs.

While cities and MoDOT will be working the major roads, businesses are responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks and parking lots.

Some are glad to salt and shovel themselves but others let a snow removal service do the work.

“When these snows come around it’s a great benefit to our business," said Landscaper Kevin Williams, who also runs a snow removal service.

Williams is excited snow is in the forecast because it means two full days of paid work during his slowest time of year.

“Before the storm actually hits we are going to be going around to our businesses and pretreating them," Williams said. "The morning times they get crazy because all the businesses want to be cleared before opening. Basically from 3 a.m. it’s a race and even past then sometimes. If it continues snowing we’re just on a revolving schedule.”

To plow an average size commercial parking lot Williams says it costs about $150 per visit.

“That will vary depending on the complexity of the layout of the parking lot," he said. "Basically how big it is overall and how much time it takes to clear it.”

One of Williams long time customers is accountant Catherine White.

“We don’t have to think about it. We don’t have to watch the weather forecasts and anticipate it. We just know he will be here,” she said.

White says a snow removal service is worth it, especially during tax season, because it keeps their clients safe as they walk inside.

“Our lot is small however we usually don’t get sun on it until the afternoon, so it’s very important to get a jump on it," White said. "We do it for convenience because it’s our very busiest time. We just need to keep our lot clear and get out clients in here.”

The snow in this weekend’s storm looks to be heavy and wet. Williams says that’s easier to clear off that type of snow with heavy equipment and is more difficult with a hand shovel.

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