Woman shares scary experience after tree falls on her moving SUV

Woman shares scary experience after tree falls on her moving SUV

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - A Tuesday afternoon drive home took a scary turn for one Henderson County woman.

“What sounded like a huge explosion, it was deafening,” Cheryl Stone recalled.

Stone, of Corydon, was driving home along Highway 60 when she felt a jolt.

“It felt like the car just went up in the air, and then came down. And I went forward. I had my seat belt on. I felt my head and neck go forward and then come back,” Stone described.

While Stone drove in a 55 mile an hour zone, a tree fell right onto the back of her SUV and a large branch smashed through the front windshield, stopping only 6 or 8 inches before hitting her.

“When I opened the door, the guy really had this look on his face. I mean he kind of had his head turned. He was afraid of what he was going to see,” Stone told 14 News.

Cheryl added she feels very lucky none of her four grandchildren were with her because when the tree came tumbling down, it fell mostly on the back passenger side of the vehicle, where one of them could have been sitting.

“It had actually moved the backseat up into the front. And they would’ve been sitting right there in their car seat,” Stone said.

Cheryl is now resting at home. She has no broken bones but has a sore neck and head. She says the whole thing seemed to happen in slow motion, and believes she was protected by a higher power.

“I feel that God was right there with me. He always is. But yesterday I had an extra angel with me. I know it did,” Stone smiled.

The Stone family also says the tree didn’t snap but was uprooted.

Her SUV is likely totaled.

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