Police advise not warming up your car unattended

Police warn against warming up your car during cold temps

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - As the temperatures drop, you might start to warm your car up before you get in it. But police officers say it’s not a safe move, makes you an easy target and is illegal in some states.

If you live in Illinois, it’s against the law to run your car unattended with the keys in it on public roads.

Sgt. Rick Schmidt with the Cape Girardeau Police Department said someone can break the car window and steal your car or anything you have inside it.

He recommended to use a remote starter that doesn’t require your keys in the car. But, make sure you don’t leave your kids in there.

If it’s necessary to warm up your car, lock it, turn outside lights on and check on it.

“If there’s a potential criminal that walks by looking for a crime that he or she can do right now cause you have the lights on and you’re checking it periodically, you make yourself not as easy of a victim as someone who doesn’t do that,” said Schmidt.

He also advised to take the car out of the garage so the exhaust can vent.

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