MoDOT prepares for winter weather

MoDOT preparing for snow on roads

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - MoDOT crews spent the day getting ready to battle the next winter storm.

A First Alert Action Day has been declared for the night of Friday, Jan. 11 through Saturday morning, Jan. 12.

Heartland News spoke with Tammy Hefner with MoDOT and she said they have been pre-treating roads in northern counties and they aren’t too worried about the southern counties.

She said they are treating this as a routine snow storm and because it’s expected to be a wet snow it should be easier to clear.

Hefner said crews will be out plowing until the roads are clear and if you find yourself near a plow truck stay at least 6 car lengths back.

“Anytime you see a plow they need to be careful. They need to make sure they give that plow plenty of room because the plow in front of the truck is a lot wider than the road way and then then when it’s plowing the snow off i mean it shoots off a spray so you wanna make sure you kind of stay clear of that,” said Hefner.

She recommended drivers also slow down and give plenty of room between you and other drivers until the roads are clear.

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