Meet The Bacon Response Team: Therapy pigs training to create positive change in the community

Meet CMPD's new 'Bacon Response Team'

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - You’ve heard of therapy dogs—but have you heard of therapy pigs? One CMPD officers says his dreams are now coming true—and its happening through the ‘Bacon Response Team’.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Chad Webster and his family have adopted two pigs in their family, but for a purpose.

“It was already a pig sty at our house, so bringing them home, it wasn’t a problem,” says Webster.

Sarge and Frankie the pigs, are half brothers, and are training to become certified therapy animals. Webster calls them the ‘Bacon Response Team’, and helps train the pigs everyday alongside his wife, Kristia.

“There’s a certain amount of commands they need to meet and commands they have to obey,” says Chad.

The pigs already know commands such as ‘spin’, ‘ring the bell’ and ‘push toy car’. Webster says they are some of the most intelligent animals he’s ever met.

Sarge is 9 months old and Frankie is 6 months old. Once they both turn one they can become officially certified as therapy animals and serve alongside Webster for community outreach programs and events.

If you want to request the Bacon Response Team at your community event you can follow and contact them on Instagram.

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