Cape Girardeau, MO police share winter weather driving tips

Cape Police preparing for winter weather

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) -The winter weather could impact a lot of people including police officers who will be out patrolling during the storm.

Cape Girardeau Police Sgt. Rick Schmidt said the first thing they do is get their cars serviced to make sure they are ready to take on whatever road conditions may occur.

Sgt. Schmidt said they usually don’t bring officers in on their off days to help with patrols, but those who usually stay in the office, like him, will be out helping with accident calls.

And, officers follow the same driving tips they tell everyone else; drive slow, keep a good distance between you and other cars and most importantly make sure your windows are clear.

“One of our pet peeves is everyone’s in a hurry in the morning and they scrape off a spot on their windshield that’s this big and they’re driving down Bloomfield Road with a spot they look through that’s this big, well that’s not safe," said Sgt. Schmidt. “Take the extra five minutes clean off your whole windshield and then you just have to slow down.

Sgt. Schmidt’s best advice for folks is to don’t drive if you don’t have to.

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