Lawmakers discuss sports betting and sales tax for online shopping

Lawmakers discuss sports betting and sales tax for online shopping

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - If you’re a big online shopper or want to bet on your favorite sports’ teams, changes might be coming.

The Missouri House of Representatives will meet on Wednesday, January 9 for a session to start the process of voting on bills that could impact you.

First, there are bills to discuss about legalizing sports betting.

"Generally, I'm not a supporter for gambling, especially with the adverse effect that it seems to have on low income. And so, I guess the devil is in the details, and so we'll just have to wait and see what comes to the House floor,” said 145th District Representative Rick Francis.

The main question for Representative Francis, where will the taxes from sports betting go?

"As of right now there are many different versions of the bill that I think will need to be vetted,” said Representative Francis.

Holly Rehder, 148th District Representative, also shared her thoughts about a few bills. She said lawmakers will need to talk through the different versions of the bill, and she needs to learn more about sports betting before casting a vote.

Another bill on the table would put a state sales tax on items from retailers that don’t have a physical store in Missouri.

"I’m sure there are consumers who ya know appreciate being able to purchase something online and not have to pay taxes for it, but it’s also taking advantage of our local retailers and so forth that do have to pay the tax,” said Representative Francis.

Representative Rehder said she has never been in favor of forcing a tax, but she is open to discussion.

"The bill would have to be then forwarded to one of the committees which is a very important process that the bill gets thoroughly vetted and all the details will be worked out before it gets to the house floor for debate,” said Representative Francis.

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