Cab driver assaulted with Wild Turkey bottle, crashes into home

Cab driver assaulted with Wild Turkey bottle, crashes into home
The owner of the cab company says the driver never saw what hit him and didn't remember the incident until video surfaced.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Exclusive video shows the moment of a brutal assault against a Louisville taxi cab driver.

The taxi cab driver blacks out, veers into oncoming traffic before slamming into a house along Eastern Parkway.

Things seemed to be pointing towards the driver having some type of issue until the video from inside of the cab came to light. Then, investigators with Louisville’s Alcohol Beverage Control’s Enforcement Division began investigating.

The video shows the passenger, Brian Moss get into a Taxi 7 of Louisville cab. He asks to stop at a liquor store and comes out with a bottle of Wild Turkey.

The video shows Moss holding up the bottle several times, while the driver kept his eyes on the road. Then, the video shows Moss strike the driver in the back of the head with the bottle. The driver then veers into two on-coming cars before slamming into a house. Both the driver and Moss were taken to the hospital.

They have both since been released.

According to Taxi 7 General Manager, Michael Cregan, the driver never knew what hit him. He had no recollection of being assaulted or what led to the crash.

“I was disturbed I guess is the best word to say,” Creegan said. “We were able to see what happened and make it right.”

The owner of the home was inside, but luckily wasn’t hurt. The vehicle caused damage to the foundation of the home.

Moss's address on the citation is "city at large" Cregan said.

ABC charged Moss with two felonies, first-degree Assault and Wanton Endangerment He’s also charged with Criminal Mischief.

Cregan says he's relieved no one was killed and was disturbed when he saw the video.

He told us being a taxi driver is dangerous and that's why they put cameras inside of their vehicles, capturing high quality images and sound. He said they do everything they can to keep their drivers safe.

“We want folks to know that these cameras are in the car,” Creegan told us. “Maybe it will deter somebody from doing something so violent to one of these, these are hardworking guys.”

Cregan also gave credit to ABC, who says walked him through exactly what needed to be done to make sure Moss would be held responsible for attacking the driver.

ABC is a division of Metro Government under the city's Code Enforcement department. ABC officers possess full police powers to enforce all local laws, according to their website.

They also regulate a number of licenses, including ground transportation such as taxi cabs.

“ABC did a great job, Lt. Brad Sylveria took this right from the beginning,” Creegan said. “They got all their ducks in a row before they made an arrest and hats off to them, they did a great job.”

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