Government shutdown could impact tax returns and federal loans

Government shutdown could impact tax returns and federal loans

(KFVS) - The federal government has been shutdown for 2 weeks and it could impact more than just federal employees.

You may not think the partial government shut down is impacting you, but if you’re looking forward to your tax return it just might.

"It’s kind of speculation right now,” said Certified Personal Accountant Gina Donze.

She said the shutdown could delay tax refunds because right now, only a portion of IRS employees are working.

That means the agency will accept tax filings but typically does not issue refunds, perform audits or answer questions.

But she said, don’t wait to get your filings in order.

“They should go ahead and bring in their information to their tax preparer just like usual so whenever the e-file season does open we can be ready and go ahead and e-file their tax return,” said Donze.

That’s not the only delay if you’re hoping for money from the federal government.

The small business administration won’t be processing loans, same goes the department of agriculture.

We’ve seen several projects across the Heartland paid for using that kind of funding, including upgrades at the Southern Illinois Airport and new equipment for Alexander County.

Negotiations of the shutdown are expected to continue over the weekend.

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