Rep. Jason Smith holds public forum in Poplar Bluff on government shutdown

Rep. Smith holds public forum in Poplar Bluff on government shutdown

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - Rep. Jason Smith was in Poplar Bluff on Thursday, December 27 to talk about current government issues.

The Congressman spoke on reopening the government and securing the border. He also answered questions and listened to concerns to share them with President Trump.

“The Chief of Police in Poplar Bluff shared how he has seen firsthand an influx in illicit drugs from Mexico that have wreaked havoc on our communities here at home,” Smith said.

Representative Smith said it’s an issue of open borders against open government and the biggest enemies to the United States are Republicans and Democrats.

“We need to solve the problem, and we need to solve it in a bipartisan matter rather than an either-or issue," said Tammy Harty, a forum participant. “Compromise is not really a dirty word. Compromise is actually the way this nation was built. With the two parties, it’s supposed to be a two-party system, and there’s supposed to be some give and take.”

“The fact that we’re now basically having politicians use procedural tricks to stop the democratic process from working, I think is unfortunate," said Mitch Davis, a forum participant.

Representative Smith said it’s too early to determine how the shutdown is impacting southeast Missouri.

A few people who attended said regardless of if they want a wall or not. the shutdown puts federal workers who live pay check to pay check in a bad position.

“The administration has the authority to allocate additional resources right now that still leftover in various funds, and that’s what they’ve been doing to make sure the shutdown’s not hurting nearly as many.”

According to Representative Smith, in the past, federal employees who work during a government shutdown did get paid eventually.

We used the forums as an opportunity to discuss other major issues important to families in southern Missouri – the poverty trap, repealing burdensome regulations from Washington, and commonsense work requirements for government aid that would save taxpayer dollars and encourage people to enter the workforce.
Rep. Jason Smith

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