PD sends pics statewide to try to ID suspected thieves after stealing purse at a Cape Girardeau playground

Purse missing from car parked at Melania’s Magical Playland, card used at businesses

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The search continues for two men who spent thousands of dollars after a credit card was taken from her car in December 2018.

Cape Girardeau police sent out the pictures statewide to law enforcement on Wednesday, Jan. 9, according to Cape Girardeau Police PIO Sgt. Rick Schmidt.

A Cape Girardeau mom is hoping police can track down two men who spent thousands of dollars with credit cards taken from her purse Wednesday Dec. 19, which was stolen from her car while she was at a local playground.

Cortney Proffer, a mother of three, now admits she was an easy target, but wants to pass of advice to other parents and wants your help catching the criminals.

“I was just very naive to situation that in a public place, especially a park, that someone would come in and target someone with their children,” she said.

Wednesday started as a normal trip to one of Proffer and her kid’s favorite playgrounds, Melaina’s Magical Playland.

She says they were excited at first to have a playground all to themselves, but that quickly changed after several cars pulled up and no one got out.

Proffer says she started to worry about her safety and the safety of her young kids, so she got ready to leave.

“I hit that remote start, hit that unlock button several times so I knew by the time we made it to my car all the doors were unlocked and we could just get in and go," Proffer said. "We start going to the conservation department and I look down and realize my purse is not there.”

That is when Proffer called 911 and police later found security footage of two male suspects going to several stores near Independence and Kings Highway to buy items with Proffer’s stolen cards.

“It took them less than 30 minutes to use my debit card to go make thousands of dollars of purchases at area businesses. So they had a plan,” Proffer said.

Cape Girardeau Police also have video surveillance of the suspect’s car which is a silver newer model Honda or Mazda.

Proffer says it’s been a painstaking process filling out fraud reports, canceling all of her cards, and ordering new drivers license and social security card that we all inside her purse. But she’s just grateful no one got hurt.

“As any parent knows your kids are your life, so I would give up everything in the world as long as my kids were ok,” she said.

Proffer is optimistic the two suspects will be caught and wants you to share the photos and help police track down the holiday thieves.

“I feel like in your season of giving you are taking from a family,” Proffer said. “And you aren’t just taking the financial or the monetary value of things you were taking a sense of security in that you can’t just go to a park and enjoy a time with your family. You have to always be on the look out of someone attempting to do something negative in your life.”

Proffer says all of the funds spent on her stolen cards will get reimbursed.

She also suggests keeping your doors locked until you are at the car and using the panic button on your key fob if someone suspicious gets to close.

The investigation into the theft is ongoing.

**PLEASE SHARE-HELP IDENTIFY** On December 19th at approximately 5:03 p.m., officers were notified of a theft from a...

Posted by Cape Girardeau Police Department on Friday, December 21, 2018

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