Shipping carriers project to deliver millions of more packages during 2018 Holiday season

Shipping carriers project to deliver millions of more packages during 2018 Holiday season

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Some in the shipping business consider this time of year to be their Superbowl.

Delivery drivers are putting in extra hours to make sure packages and mail get to their destination before the holidays.

All three major shipping carriers in the U.S. are expecting to deliver more packages during the 2018 peak holiday season and some have hired extra hands to help with the extra work.

UPS expects to deliver nearly 800 million parcels between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and has 100,000 seasonal employees on board. The company says their total delivery projection is up by about 38 million packages compared to this time frame last year.

FedEx has not release any holiday shipping projections this year, but did add 55,00 positions in the lead-up to the busy holiday season. During the 2017 holiday season, the company expected to deliver between 380 and 400 million parcels.

The United States Postal Service is projecting to deliver of 900 million packages and 15 billion Christmas cards and other pieces of mail.

Post master Adam Lambert overseas the Cape Girardeau area mail processing center.

Compared to a typical work day, Adam Lambert says this time of year the local USPS branch doubles the number of packages they deliver to Southeast Missouri homes.

Lambert says new sorting technology helps employees to get packages to the right home in a quick efficient manner.

“The bar code on the package is tied to an address. So when they put it underneath the scanner, it scans it and it tells them exactly what route it has to go to,” Lambert said. “So they don’t have to look at the address, think alright this parcel goes to this route. It’s very essential today. You go back ten years ago we were probably doing 1,000 parcels a day. Now we are doing 5,000 parcels a day with about the same but we wouldn’t be able to get it done without the machines we have today.”

And if you plan to send packages by standard ground mail the cut off date to ensure it gets delivered by Christmas is this Friday, December 14th.

Other delivery cut-off dates can be found here.

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