St. Louis officer dragged by vehicle, suspect dead from gunshot to chest

St. Louis officer dragged by vehicle, suspect dead from gunshot to chest
A suspect is dead from a gunshot wound to the chest and an officer was dragged by a vehicle in St. Louis on Wednesday afternoon.

ST. LOUIS, MO (KFVS) - A suspect is dead after a shooting and an officer being dragged by a vehicle in St. Louis, Missouri on Wednesday, December 12.

According to St. Louis police, it happened at Goodfellow and Lillian just before 1 p.m.

Police Chief Col. John W. Hayden, Jr. said they received a notification about a maroon Honda Santa Fe in the area that was reported as stolen on Dec. 10. He said the car stopped at a service station at Goodfellow and Lillian. That’s where two officers that were in one patrol vehicle found it.

According to the chief, one officer got out of the patrol car and approached the suspect at the gas pump. He said at some point in time the driver-side door opened and the officer was briefly standing between the door and the suspect. He said the car was reversed suddenly and the officer was caught between the door and the car itself.

Chief Hayden said the car went backwards several feet and crashed on the other side of the service station, at which time the officer fell to the ground.

In the time that the car started to reverse and the crash, the chief said the officer fired his weapon, hitting the suspect in the chest.

He said it’s not clear at this time how many shots were fired. He said it is also unknown if the suspect had a gun. He said there was only one person in the Santa Fe, the driver.

The suspect was later pronounced dead at an area hospital.

Chief Hayden said the officer was also taken the hospital with a significant, non-life-threatening head injury.

The officer was said to be 31 years old and with the department for two years.

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