Many hope to catch a glimpse of the “Christmas Comet”

"Christmas Comet" heading near earth

(KFVS) - Santa won’t be the only thing flying around the night sky this December.

The “Christmas Comet” orbits the sun about every five and a half years and will be the closest to the earth is has been in four centuries.

The President of the Astronomical Association of Southern Illinois says the comet will bring plenty of Christmas spirit.

“It does kind of seem symbolic of the season, something that is moving through the sky and guiding people, and from my understanding this will kind of have a green tent to it too so that kind of ads to the Christmas spirit, its always exciting they don’t come along very often," said Harry Treece, Astronomical Association of Southern Illinois President.

Experts say as long as weather permits, there is a chance you will be able to see the comet with the naked eye.

It can be found the southern sky and is best seen on a dark night when the moon is not lighting up the sky.

It will appear as a fuzzy light across the sky throughout the month.

Bob Baer with SIU-Carbondale says its a great activity for the family.

“If you were to go outside Christmas Eve or Christmas night around 7:30 you’d notice there wasn’t a moon, which is really cool because you can actually see it in a dark sky around Christmas," said Baer. "I think its a good opportunities for families to go out and look up and try to find the comet with your children, and just experience it as a family.”

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