Heartland 16-year-old with Ehlers Danlos starts “Helping Hands” charity

16-year-old with Ehlers Danlos starts “Helping Hands” charity

PATTERSON, MO (KFVS) - A Heartland 16-year-old diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos, a debilitating medical condition, is using his daily challenges to help others.

Bane Adams doesn’t know what he’ll face each day, but he won’t let anything hold him back. He created “Helping Hands” to give back to the people who gave to him in his toughest moments.

"With what the people in our community have done for me, it's inspired me to some degree, and I really wanted to give back,” said Adams.

Adams lives with Ehlers Danlos syndrome, a group of disorders that affect the body’s connective tissue.

"It’s affected many things I do on a daily basis be it eating, drinking, going outside and going on a simple walk. I haven’t been able to walk for a while and I just got this ability back about a year ago, and it’s been amazing,” said Adams.

He decided to make the most of his situation and help others.

"I had to put in a good bit of thought, like what do I have some of the most trouble with on a daily and what affects other people just as bad. And this idea came to me,” said Adams.

For Adams, that’s eating a meal out with family. So, he saved his money to buy ten built up utensil sets.

"It will try to help people to experience some normalcy,” said Adams.

They’re meant for people with arthritis, hand injuries, and other conditions that make it difficult to hold silverware. He’ll donate them to local restaurants.

"It can make all the difference, and it does,” said Adams.

Adams brings these utensils with him when he goes out to eat. When he doesn’t, he has to get creative.

“It’s kind of like a panic situation at first. You’re like I can’t eat, I can’t go out and enjoy this meal.”

But in Adams’ fashion, he makes the best of it.

“So what we normally have to do is we’ll have to take a fork and a bunch of napkins. And this is always very embarrassing for me to do. But we’ll wrap it around the fork so it’s like a built up utensil and it allows me to eat and have dinner.”

Along with his dog and family, his outlook on life keeps him going.

"The knowledge that people have worse illnesses than me and worse conditions than me, helps me push forward and overcome. Everything has good in it. There’s bad in the world but there’s also good,” said Adams.

He hopes to one day donate the utensils to restaurants globally and is looking for help.

If you’re interested in donating built up utensils or money to his charity, “Helping Hands,” message his Facebook page.

You can mail donations to PO Box 65, Piedmont Missouri 63957 or contact the People’s Community Bank and ask for “Dawn Adams’ Special Account.”

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