SIUC officials roll out new recruitment materials to boost enrollment

SIUC officials roll out new recruitment materials to boost enrollment

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - As Southern Illinois University Carbondale prepares for the fall semester and all the new students they hope to bring, they are getting ready to send out the reading materials they hope will persuade high schoolers from all over the region to apply.

The university’s chief communications officer, Rae Goldsmith told Heartland news reporters that they will be sending out all new pamphlets in coming weeks to potential students. She said they make new materials every year, but normally build off previous materials.

This time around she said they wanted to start fresh.

“We started from scratch,” she said. "We have new leadership on campus with some new energy, new motivation, who were willing to let us have some creative license and do something that was very different.”

Goldsmith said the new pamphlets are only part of a new recruitment strategy where they will be contacting students via email, texts, and face-to-face visits with admissions counselors.

She said they tried to focus on all the different aspects of SIUC that make it worth going to.

“We tried to focus on things that make us look unique and different,” she said. "We tried to emphasize the energy of campus. We went beyond academics to talk about what it means to be a student here. So we took a broad look at the entire campus experience.”

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