Cars easy targets for theft during Christmas shopping season

Keeping your holiday gifts safe

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - With Christmas approaching, many are out shopping and getting the perfect gift for their family or friends. However, that gift could be swiped in an instant if you don’t take the proper precautions.

Jackson Police Sergeant Ryan Thieret said they see a lot more reports of theft around this time. He said people will especially break into cars if they see something worth any value while you're out shopping or at home.

"If you're at a store like Walmart, try to cover up your belongings or your packages. Put them in the trunk," Thieret said. "Maybe park close to the building and look at the surveillance in the parking lot and park in front of the camera. That way if something does happen then we have surveillance of a possible suspect."

Thieret said it's imperative you make sure your doors are locked when nobody is in the vehicle.

"There's people that go through our neighborhoods and what they will do is walk down the street and pull on the handle of the vehicle and see if it's open," Thieret explained. "If it's open, they'll go through the vehicle in the middle of the night and steal whatever is valuable in the vehicle."

He also stated you can take extra precautions when having a package delivered to your door as well.

“When you have a package sent to your house, track the package on your app or have it sent to the store and sign for it,” Thieret suggested. “There’s alarm systems you can install at your homes. It’s a good surveillance for us so if something does happen, we can track the suspect.”

Overall, Thieret said many of the theft reports they make are preventable if you take the extra precautions.

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