Pink Up: Helping all cancer patients

Pink Up: Helping all cancer patients

(KFVS) - When you hear Pink Up, you likely associate it with breast cancer. But did you know the funds donated to Pink Up help more than just breast cancer patients?

Pink Up helps all cancer patients financially and has been for the last couple of years. The color pink is nationally tied to just breast cancer, but here in Cape Girardeau, the Pink Up organization at Saint Francis Hospital aims to help anyone fighting cancer.

“It’s not exclusive to breast cancer, it’s not exclusive to any one specific cancer,” said Jimmy Wilferth, Vice President, Foundation and Marketing at Saint Francis.

Wilferth said breast cancer is still a huge concern in our area, but it’s not the only concern.

Dr. Prem Sobti, an oncologist at Cape Medical Oncology, a Saint Francis Healthcare System Medical Partner, explained there are other potentially deadly cancers impacting the Heartland.

“We have four common cancers in the geographic area: colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate and lung,” said Dr. Sobti.

“It is still all about breast cancer, but it is also all about prostate, and all about colon and all about lung and all about any cancer that you are struggling with,” said Wilferth.

Doctor Sobti said the odds of getting cancer continue to go up and so are the costs of treating it.

“Increased incidents of cancer in modern times is an accepted reality,” said Dr. Sobti. “A lot of patients find it very difficult even if they have insurance because the co-payments can become so much they can’t even pay for those."

“If you have cancer and you can’t afford your treatment, that’s why we do what we do,” said Wilferth.

Every single donation to the foundation stays here locally and every penny given to Pink Up now helps EVERY cancer patient that needs it.

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