Alligator sighting in Ballard Co., KY

Alligator sighting in Ballard Co., KY

BALLARD COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - How does an alligator end up in western Kentucky?

That's the question state wildlife officials are trying to answer after a man says he snapped this photo in Ballard County.

Kentucky Wildlife Officials don't even know if the gator in the picture is real or not but Heartland News talked to the man who took it, and he believes what he saw...

"Well, Wyatt and i were headed back to a duck blind,” said Chris Drummond, who took the picture. “To get heads for some duck decoys, and we looked over on a bunch of logs where we normally see snakes on and just all of a sudden we saw an alligator."

Chris Drummond and his grandson Wyatt spoke about a sight so bizarre they did a double take.

"I pulled up just a little more and we saw him move his head up so we took another picture,” said Chris Drummond. “You wanna tell him how big he was?” said Wyatt stretching out his hand.

After taking the picture it had gone viral, and they called the proper authorities.

"We’ve had people out there who have tried to look for any sign of it and to this point we haven’t been able to verify the picture,” said Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Spokesman Kevin Kelly.

He also said officials are trying to figure out if the gator in the picture is even real because it is a little far fetched, but he says they have seen this before.

“They’re not migrating up here,” Kelly said. “What typically is the case, what happens is people wanna make pets out of these animals but then they turn them loose.”

The only way to find out where this thing came from, and if it’s legit, is locating it. But Drummond says the trail got cold pretty quick.

"The game warden showed up and we went back to see if we could see him again and he was gone,” Drummond added.

Kelly doesn’t think any Ballard County residents need to worry about an alligator showing up in their backyards because it’s way too cold here in the winter for one of those to survive very long.