SEMO students have Redhawks Football fever, plan to watch playoff game

Redhawks fan fever

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Students at Southeast Missouri State University have Redhawks fever and are hoping to cheer their football team to victory during the playoff game Saturday, Dec. 1.

Southeast students say they are already proud of this record-breaking season and are optimistic the Redhawks can pull out another win this Saturday.

But unlike the last playoff game, which was basically in their backyard, many students are planning to watch the next game in Ogden, Utah on TV or get updates on their phone.

Junior Daniel Mahoney become a Redhawks football fan when he transferred to Southeast Missouri State University this fall.

“I was not expecting this because when I got here people were saying ‘Our football team sucks, don’t expect much,'" Mahoney said. “Then they just kept on winning and winning and winning, and I was like 'Oh wow this is actually getting pretty awesome.”

Mahoney was in the stands at Houck Stadium when the school won their first ever home playoff game.

“It felt very energetic because it was like we really, really want this,” he said. “The student section was right next to the marching band so to me that is what I kind of look forward to, so it’s going to be kind of hard to replicate that.”

Mahoney did look into traveling to Utah to see the second playoff game which in more than 1,400 miles away or a 20-hour drive.

“I did look into going to Utah, but it was a combination of me not having enough money to go and with finals week being so close I did not want to leave my studies out,” he said. “I was hoping to find some place on campus, like student government would be having a watch party or something like that but they’re not doing that so I’m planning to go to Wings Etc.”

Southeast senior Gavin Konys will be in St. Louis Saturday with his girlfriend but says he will still find time to sit down and watch the game on his laptop or smartphone.

“It just brings more excitement to it. You can actually see the action going on. You can watch how they are playing," Konys said. “Just getting updates on your phone its not really as exciting. Yeah you have some excitement but you don’t have that ‘Oh my Gosh’ moment' when something happens.'”

Both students are optimistic the Redhawks can keep their season alive.

“No matter if we win or lose it is just so incredible that we’ve made it this far,” added Mahoney.

“It’s going to be a very tough game but with our explosive offense and the way our defense has been I think we can pull it off,” Konys said.

Konys also thinks the Rehawks football program and the university will see positive benefits from being in a national spotlight because of the playoffs.

“I believe they’ve only had one other playoff appearance so this may help them with recruitment for future games,” Konys said. “It could make our campus come together even more. Help us expand. It could bring enrollment and student retention up as well.”

The playoff game will start at 3 p.m. Saturday and can be seen on ESPN 3.

Watch parties have are also going on at Buffalo Wild Wings and the Library in Downtown Cape.

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