What you need to know Nov. 21

What you need to know Nov. 21
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(KFVS) - Good morning it is Wednesday, Nov. 21.

First Alert Forecast

It will be very cold this morning when you leave for work or out of town.

Lisa Michaels says some places could see a little patchy fog this morning. It’s so cold that it could freeze to surfaces and actually impact travel in isolated areas.

It will not be widespread, though and not all fog will be freezing fog. The sun will warm us up once it rises. We’ll see high temperatures in the 50s.

There should be no issues with Thanksgiving travel weather, or enjoying a football game outside with your family. High will be in the 50s and it will be sunny.

We could see rain on Black Friday during the afternoon and evening. It won’t be a washout or be severe, but it will be unpleasant for shoppers that are still out.

The SEMO football game and all of Saturday looks to be dry. Sunday we could see another round of rain in the afternoon or evening.

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