Ways to stay safe on the road during the Thanksgiving travel

Safety encouraged while traveling over the Thanksgiving Holiday

(KFVS) - Millions of people will be on the road for the holiday weekend.

Missouri State Highway Patrol wants drivers to keep safety in mind while on the road.

Beginning Nov. 20, MSHP will have troopers stationed every twenty miles on the busiest highways in Missouri.

Law enforcement suggest all drivers obey the speed limit, buckle up and stay off their cell phones.

It is legal for people in Missouri 21 and older to text and drive, but Sgt. Clark Parrott says drivers should let passengers be in charge of the phone.

“Just because something is not illegal doesn’t make it right. It is not illegal to text, for those who are 21, but the consequences of that: failure to maintain a single lane, running off the right side of the road way, weaving within your lane, almost causing a crash, striking another car, that sort of thing,:” said Sgt/ Parrott. “Those are the consequences of that behavior.”

Parrott says troopers aren’t only patrolling the highways to write tickets. They also respond to emergencies.

The increase of traffic during the holiday means a likelihood of distracted driving will increase as well. There will more drivers on the road and a lot of traffic congestion will come with it.

According to AAA, most the travel congestion will occur when driver head home from their holiday destination. MoDOT urges drivers to allow extra time for travel and plan their route accordingly. Real-time conditions and closures are available at traveler.modot.org, and the MoDOT app is available for download at the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

If you do need help in Missouri. You can dial "*55″ on your cell phone to get a trooper send to your location.

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