A Place to Call Home: Richard’s story

13-year-old Richard
13-year-old Richard(KFVS)
Published: Nov. 21, 2018 at 10:38 PM CST
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ST. LOUIS, MO (KFVS) - Talk about an adventure.

Thanks to Grant’s Farm in St. Louis, 13-year-old Richard got an experience of a lifetime and the VIP treatment.

It was a perfect way for us to get to know this young man. We rode along with a tour guide who showed us the grounds.

Richard was all ears, taking it all in. He said he loves to learn, and that was easy to see as we toured Grant’s cabin.

"I love school," said Richard. He said he loves everything about it.

But this seventh grader will tell you, his favorite class is art.

When he's not at school he enjoys riding bikes, hiking and playing video games.

"I like to watch animals and listen to animals, it's calming," said Richard.

So, on the day we spent at Grant's Farm, Richard was in his element.

He got to feed elk, buffalo and other creatures that roamed the grounds.

He also got a chance to touch an alligator, an iguana and critters the staff brought out to show him.

It was a nice escape of reality.

Richard has been in foster care for as long as he can remember.

"Most of my life, ever since I was like two or three," said Richard. "It's been harsh."

He's experienced a lot of changes.

Just when he would get used to one family, he would have to move again.

"It's like waking up to a blank screen each time," said Richard.

It's heartbreaking, but he tries to stay positive.

He said he’s hopeful that there is a family out there for him, saying he just keeps the faith.

"As long as you have a sturdy foundation in what you believe in, it'll eventually build," said Richard.

When asked why he would make a good addition to someone's family he said, "Because I'm polite, kind and funny."

Richard has a great attitude, and isn't shy about talking about what he really wants most in life.

"To be loved, and have a forever feeling that you're not going anywhere," said Richard.

He longs for a holiday season of memory making with his own family.

As for a Christmas list this year? "My number one is always a family," said Richard.

He said anything else doesn't really matter.

He looks forward to a family to spend the holidays with, and make memories at a place like Grant's Farm.

To find out more about Richard, and how you can begin the process of adopting him or other children we've featured, call this number (800) 554-2222.

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