Special deer hunt at Rend Lake Nov. 16-18

A special hunt is being held at Rend Lake. (Source: Chris Drury, KFVS)
A special hunt is being held at Rend Lake. (Source: Chris Drury, KFVS)((Source: Chris Drury, KFVS))
Published: Nov. 20, 2018 at 6:48 AM CST
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SOUTHERN ILLINOIS (KFVS) - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Rend Lake will close down many different sections to foot traffic during the first firearm season.

The Army Corps of Engineers along with the Sesser-Valier Outdoorsman Club will be using trails for a special hunt called the Rend Lake Deer Hunt for Persons with Disabilities this weekend, Nov. 17-18.

These closures include bike trail sections beginning west of the Franklin Cemetery and continuing to the North Marcum day use area, and trail sections beginning in the North Sandusky day use area and continuing to the South Marcum campground.

All of those not involved in the sport of deer hunting are prohibited from utilizing these trails during the periods of November 16-18, November 29-30, December 1-2, and December 7-9.

They have been doing this special hunt for over 30 years. They have over 25 hunters this year participating in the hunt ranging from young to old, and over 70 people from the community.

During the hunt volunteers help the hunters get to their deer blinds, and volunteers will sit with the hunters until they shoot a deer, they then help track the deer.

Tim Bishoff a Park Ranger at Rend Lake talked about what he’s learned after doing the hunt for over two decades.

“After doing, and hanging out with these guys and women for 20 years, you find out that people with disabilities are just people, and that disability that everybody sees first disappears because you just see your friend or your family member,” said Bishoff.

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