Ameren donates bucket truck to the City of Eldorado, IL

Ameren donates truck to Eldorado

ELDORADO, IL (KFVS) - Thanks to a donation of a retired bucket truck by Ameren Illinois, the city of Eldorado has a new vehicle.

Mayor Rocky James says will be put to many uses.

“It’s just a blessing for us in a small town like this we don’t have the money even come close to purchasing something like this,” James said.

Director of Ameren Illinois District 6 operations, Jason Klein said the electric company replaces some vehicles in its fleet of its 3,300 trucks every year.

When they do, they give the old trucks to communities that could really use them.

“We have a lot of tree stuff, a lot of city stuff, we don’t have fire trucks to reach out in serious fires - we could always use it for that,” James said, “We’re gonna put it to a lot of uses.”

Going into the winter, Klein thinks giving communities this equipment can help speed things up once power lines start going down in winter storms and other weather events.

“A community having a truck like this, they can they can get out in front of us," he said. "Being able to clear paths so when our guys do get to town, instead of having to clear the streets are clear the roads that could be done for us and in turn make restoring power more efficient.”

Mayor James said they are ready to be more self sufficient in Eldorado, and one of the first things they will be using their new bucket truck for is hanging up the towns Christmas lights the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

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