Responding to an emergency situation on roads in Perry Co., MO

First responders dealing with challenge of snow covered roads

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) -Any winter mix leaves a mess for crews to clean up, whether it be plowing or putting down salt - It can take some time to get roads clear.

It poses a problem for first responders, especially out on county roads.

“Here in town my hats are off to the drivers,” said business owner David Bammel.

He said he’s thankful for crews in Perry County, Missouri because they roads were pretty much clear when he got to his coffee shop.

But with more than 400 miles of road stretching across the county, not all drivers will have it that easy.

“The county roads, they don’t pretreat those and there are hundreds of miles of county roads for the most part they let them handle themselves unless there is a ungodly amount of snow then they’ll blade it," said Sheriff Gary Schaaf.

In this case, the county’s Presiding Commissioner said the call for significant snowfall had crews out plowing all roads since early this morning.

But, drivers still need to be careful especially those who have no choice but to get out after the storm like emergency personnel.

“We have to be there, we drive cautiously we know the roads are going to refreeze there’s going to be black ice and we have to drive accordingly,” said the sheriff.

The EMA director for Perry County, Tom Grayson said almost all of their emergency vehicles have all wheel drive.

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