Local doctor gives tips for kids sledding safety

Sledding safety from the experts

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Kids were out at Capaha Park in Cape Girardeau, Missouri sledding on Thursday, November 15 on their snow day. A local doctor weighed in about how to keep kids safe while they have fun.

"We try not to bump into each other when we're sledding,” said 3rd grader, Jamison Wagganer.

“We be sure we don’t run into trees, so if someone bumps us we don’t slam our faces into a tree,” said 3rd grader, Clayton Long.

These kids had the right idea when it comes to safety while sledding.

"When I take my kids out sledding, I first examine the whole area to see where you’re starting, what the path is like and where they’re gonna land,” said Dr. Rick Tobey with St. Francis Medical Center.

And as a parent, Dr. Rick Tobey said the same.

"You don’t want them to cross anything dangerous or end up falling into something dangerous or hitting something dangerous along the way,” said Dr. Tobey.

He said if kids hit a tree, it could cause bruises, broken bones, and scraps, or even worse, brain injuries.

"Glory is temporary and brain damage is forever, so sledding head first would be a more dangerous way to do it,” said Dr. Tobey.

Parents and babysitters out with the kids say they keep an extra eye on them while they sled.

"Just wanna make sure that they’re not hitting anything that when they actually sled down that they’re not just face down on the ground just lying there. Just make sure that they’re safe,” said Noah Branson, an older sibling watching the kids sled.

"It’s not hard to imagine kids trying things they don’t understand would be dangerous to them. So, having a supervising adult present at all times to say hey maybe not try that thing would be the safest thing to do,” said Dr. Tobey.

But kids didn’t let potential dangers stop them from having fun today.

"It’s just a really fun thing to do when it’s a snow day,” said Long.

Dr. Tobey also recommended to stay hydrated and dress appropriately for the weather with waterproof boots and outer layers to prevent frostbite.

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