Ways to prepare your car for winter conditions

Ways to prepare your car for winter conditions

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - It’s only the beginning of the cold weather, and you might be thinking of the icy roads that come next. It’s time to get your car ready for snow and ice before the roads get bad.

The manager of Plaza Tire Service in Cape Girardeau, Glenn Lewis, said one main thing you can do now is check your coolant levels. There’s a temperature gauge in your car, and if it goes above the halfway mark, your car could be overheating. Another sign of this is if your engine makes noise or shuts off.

Lewis also said to make sure your tire treads have enough depth to give you traction on slippery roads and check your tire air pressure.

“We have a lot of folks who come in at this time of the year just because they lose pressure due to the temperature change," Lewis said. “So you need to keep a check on that obviously with the roads getting bad, that’s something you’ll want to have ready to go."

If your tire pressure is low, Lewis said 90 percent of the time they just need to be filled up, and it’s an easy fix.

Also, he said the cold weather damages car batteries. If you notice your car feels like it drags and doesn’t have much power, that might be the problem.

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