Tips from Heartland pediatrician on keeping kids safe this winter

Tips from Heartland pediatrician on keeping kids safe this winter

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - With snow predicted for Wednesday night and Thursday, your kids might be excited to get outside and play, and local pediatrician has tips to keep your children safe.

"Little people. You know they lose their warmth a lot quicker than adults,” said Dr. Maria Duroseau, a pediatrician at Saint Francis Medical Center.

She recommended to add one more layer of clothing to your kids than what you’re wearing. And make sure it’s dry.

“And then also little people don’t keep their stuff on like they’re supposed to. They never feel cold for some reason,” said Dr. Duroseau.

“Don’t ask them honey are you cold. They’ll always say no, because they’re too busy having fun,” said Dr. Duroseau.

After 20-30 minutes out in the cold, it’s time to bring the kids in.

“Look at their cheeks. Are they starting to get real red or chapped or losing their color? Take their gloves off. Cause sometimes they’ll remove their gloves, or their gloves aren’t as waterproof as they say, and look at the fingertips to make sure they aren’t losing color or starting to get red,” said Dr. Duroseau.

She said those discolored fingers could mean frostbite. But, don’t rub them or put them in very hot water.

"What you want to do is rub them in lukewarm water and put their hands in there to gently start thawing out. Don’t put something hot like you know those little glove warmers or hand warmers or something like that. That is not what you want to put immediately on what you think is frostbitten skin,” said Dr. Duroseau.

If your child is sleepy or groggy after being outside for a while, she recommended to go to the emergency room, because that could be a sign of hypothermia.

Also, check the local windchill levels and weather advisories, because sometimes it’s safer to stay indoors.

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