Toy Testers: Air Hogs Orb

Updated: Nov. 8, 2018 at 5:02 PM CST
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) -We tested the Airhogs Supernova at O'neal Elementary in Poplar Bluff.

What’s a Supernova you might be asking yourself??? I'm calling it the drone without a camera or remote.

We took it into Ms. Bell's first grade class. The flying orb allows you to use the power of your hands It works without a remote control and you don't even have to touch it. "You can control it with your hands and it kind of tells you what it's doing," said one student.

The light on top let's you know what the orb is thinking, whether it's ready to fly, ready for a trick or if something's going wrong. "This is something that every child could play with," said Ms. Bell.

We quickly realized that a child would need some help getting started because the instructions are a little overwhelming. I found that watching a YouTube video about it was a lot more informative. "I worry about the durability it did bounce off a lot of things," said Bell, "I would like to see what it did outside."

We put it to the test outside and found that if it’s not windy it does fly, but you can’t see the light on the orb if it’s sunny so that could cause some problems. “I think it was good because all people can have fun with it not just one person can do it by themselves other people can join," said one student.

“I like that it keeps them active, that it keeps them moving because so many times they are sitting in front of games,” said Bell.

When we tested the toy the battery wasn't fully charged and it died after about 30 minutes. But we popped it on the charger for 10 minutes and we were back to having fun.

Overall Bell's class gave it 3 stars.

The orb fully charged after being on the charger for about an hour.

This toy was 30 dollars and I’ve seen it at most store that sell toys.

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