IL Attorney General candidates fly across the state on last day to rally

IL Attorney General candidates fly across the state on last day to rally

MARION, IL (KFVS) - Democrats and Republicans in Illinois utilized their last day before elections flying around the state rallying for candidates on this midterm ballot.

One of the office people across Illinois will vote on tomorrow is the Attorney General’s office.

Monday morning, November 5, Republican candidates did a big push for their Attorney General Republican Candidate Erika Harold. Senate Republican Leader Bill Brady, House Republican Leader Jim Durkin, Congressman Mike Bost, and many other Republican politicians supported Harold at the Veterans Airport of Southern Illinois.

Also on Monday, Democratic politicians and candidates met at the International Union of Operating Engineers. Democratic Governor candidate J.B. Pritzker and running mate Juliana Stratton, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, Treasurer Mike Frerichs, along with Senator Kwame Raoul were all in attendance supporting each other on their “Democratic ticket”.

Both Raoul and Harold point the fingers at each other for the millions of dollars in campaign funding.

“The biggest difference is I’m willing to fight public corruption, he’s not going to make it a priority," Harold said. “I’m also an independent voice, he is not. He just received a million dollars from speaker Madigan."

“Did she mention the multi-millions of dollars she is received from Bruce Rauner? Raoul responded. "She’s Bruce Rauner’s hand-picked candidate. She has been recruited by him as he has said to carry out his political agenda. so you know, she should look in the mirror.”

Kwame Raoul is currently an Illinois State Senator and Erika Harold is an attorney and former Miss America.

Since Lisa Madigan is retiring as Illinois attorney general, her the seat is fair game. The Attorney General is the state’s chief legal office, there to investigate any wrongdoing.

Both Harold and Raoul address the opioid crisis.

“One of the ways that we can actually save lives is to help people know where there are treatment facilities available and make it easier for them to have access to it,” Harold said.

“It’s important to look at going after those who are responsible for this crisis and those are the manufacturers that did this with knowledge of the addiction levels that accompany the utilization of opioid base pharmaceuticals," said Howard.

Both candidates had full days across the state through Wednesday evening.

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