Cape Girardeau Co. Democrats prepare for upcoming midterm

Cape County Democrats Prepare for Midterm elections

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - While republicans prepare to take the stage on Monday, Nov. 5, the Cape Girardeau County Democrats have also been busy.

Their crews have been canvassing and making calls for their democratic party candidates in the state of Missouri.

Renita Green, democratic candidate for Missouri House district 147, spoke about President Trump’s visit and getting their voices heard.

“I think that our voice will be heard in the cacophony of voices," said Green. "Anytime there is one strong opinion, there is always a strong opinion on the other side. I think it’s really encouraging that people have the courage and the motivation to get out and express themselves on whatever their opinions are.”

Some Cape Girardeau County Democrats say they plan on being at the Show Me Center during Monday’s rally.

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