What workers at struggling Poplar Bluff nail factory would ask Pres. Trump

Pres. Trump touts Tariffs as factory struggles

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - Workers at a struggling nail factory in Poplar Bluff, Missouri say they can not make it to President’s Trump rally in Cape Girardeau Monday, November 5, but they still want a chance to convince him to save their jobs.

Mid Continent Steel & Wire has lost close to 200 employees and more than 70 percent of its sales since Trump’s steel tariffs took effect June 1.

Operations General Manager Chris Pratt says the company has completed every step in the tariff exclusion process but they’re still waiting on a response from the U.S. Commerce Department.

Pratt believes the nail factory is the “poster child” for exclusions and he wants the opportunity to prove it to the President face to face.

“We are not stopping," Pratt said. "We’re going to fight this until the end. That is what I’d want to say to him. I’d want to bring my papers. I want to bring my evidence. You’re going to know from everything that we show you that we are the best case for exclusions and you’ll sign it and I want to be the guy to hand you the pen.”

Pratt also says the promises made to him and other nail factory employees is going to play a big factor in how he votes during the midterm elections next week.

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