Will Trump rally impact Carbondale’s Halloween celebrations?

Will Trump rally impact Carbondale’s Halloween celebrations?
President Trump is coming to Southern Illinois.

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The city of Carbondale is set to revitalize the local Halloween celebrations that were silenced in the early 2000s due to unruly patrons and full on riots on Southern Illinois Ave this Saturday.

Now, President’s Trump rally set for the same date has some worried about protests possibly turning into something similar.

Individuals and groups have made social media posts explaining their lack of favor for the President and his scheduled rally.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise to PK’s manager, Curtis Conley.

“Carbondale’s obviously considered you know, the blueberry in the tomato soup I guess you would call it,” he said.

Conley remembers the last Halloween in Carbondale before it go shut down.

“I just remember it was just floods of people all over the streets and mistakes were made,” he said.

Carbondale leaders, like city council member Navreet Kang say they wanted to bring back Halloween to the town to make Carbondale a fun place to go to school again.

“For party’s sake,” Kang said, “I want them to study here as well as have fun. We took the fun out of it and now were putting the fun back in it."

He said there will be police presence during the celebrations, but not in excess, such as wearing riot gear like there has been in the past.

Conley said he’s seen the plans for the celebrations this year and isn’t worried about any violence.

“It’s way more family oriented,” he said. "There shouldn’t be even a single bit of fear of what happened in the 90′s and 2000′s. It’s just completely different.”

Kang said the celebration will be very similar to that of the Carbondale Eclipse last year in that open containers will be allowed in marked locations only around the strip, but you need to get a wrist band from one of the bars first.

President Trump’s rally starts at 4:30 at the Southern Illinois Airport.

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