Cape Girardeau, MO man sentenced for taking more than $117K from former employer

Man sentenced for stealing $117K from employer

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A Cape Girardeau, Missouri man has been sentenced to prison for taking more than $117,000 from his former employer.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office Eastern District, George R. Gunn, 44, was the sales manager of River City Mobile Home Sales in Benton, Mo. It’s subsidiary is Monty’s Manufactured Homes in Cape Girardeau.

Gunn was sentenced to five years in federal prison on January 22, 2019. He will also have to pay restitution of $117,000.

He will serve three years of mandatory supervised release.

Judge Stephen Limbaugh waived the court fine due to the high restitution. He could have been fined $250,000 for each count.

Gunn was released from custody pending designation to a federal facility.

Gunn pleaded guilty on Tuesday, October 23 on two counts of felony wire fraud.

He was responsible for depositing and accounting for customer payments toward the purchase of customer’s homes.

The court confirmed Gunn concealed the theft of customer funds by sending River City false accountings of new payments and deposits.

After Gunn left the business, the owner discovered the crime. The total loss was $117,040.25.

Glyn Ferrell, owner of River City Mobile Homes said he is happy to have resolution in this case for his customers and business.

He wanted people to know “no customers lost a dime," and that “River City Mobile Homes made good every penny.”

A statement from Monty’s Manufactured Homes read:

The case was investigated by the FBI.

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