Mega Millions jackpot craze hits the Heartland

Mega millions madness hits the Heartland

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The Mega Million craze has hit the Heartland and locals hope they hold that one lucky ticket.

“There it is right there. One point zero billion,” said David Rasmussen.

$1 billion. That’s the largest in Mega Millions jackpot history and the second biggest of any United States lottery.

“One billion dollars man, what do you do with all that,” said Matt Brucker.

That’s the now billion-dollar question today.

“The first thing I would do is buy lifetime season tickets for SEMO basketball,” said Brucker.

If he wins, Brucker signed a contract to make a 50/50 split with his boss official.

“Oh it would change my life, sure. But I guess you really don’t know how until you would win,” said Brucker.

Tedra, a worker at Phillips 66, wished every customer good luck.

“I think everybody deserves a little luck in their life. Ya know? Everybody deserves a little blessing, and obviously they’re buying it because they’re hoping to win some kind of amount of money to make their life blessings or to bless someone else’s life,” said Tedra.

Odds of winning $1 billion dollars tonight

To some, this billion dollar blessing is years in the making.

“I’d probably just sit back for a minute and let it soak in and go, wow I finally won after 20 something years of playing it,” said Rasmussen.

But what are the odds that you have the golden ticket to the record-breaking payout? Samuel Kehrer thinks it’s unlikely.

“The chances are low, but whenever the award will be that high than you’ve kind of got to go for it,” said the junior at Southeast Missouri State University. “Just for the entertainment. It’s something to do on a Friday night, just kind of get in on the hype.”

But the probability of winning is not just slim. It’s microscopic.

SEMO math professor Dr. Pradeep Singh says it’s even less likely because Mega Millions switched to a new format.

“Five numbers are going to drawn from 1 through 70 and then one ball will be drawn from 1 through 25," Singh said. "You calculate everything and find that it is a 302,575,350 chance of a particular ticket winning.”

To put that in perspective Singh says you are more likely to guess your favorite celebrities phone number, which is a 1 and 8 million chance.

“But there still be a winner. If not today, maybe next week," Singh said. "Because more and more people are buying tickets, so these combinations these 300 million plus combinations, 292 million plus combinations, they are going to be out there.”

If you missed out on winning the large Mega Millions lottery, you still have a chance two win a $470 million jackpot when tomorrow’s Power ball numbers are drawn. The odds of winning Power Ball are slightly better at one in about 292 million.

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