Health Department in Jackson Co., IL ask for well lead testing participants

Health Department in Jackson Co., IL ask for well lead testing participants
Lead testing in Jackson Co., IL

JACKSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - Participants are wanted for a research project by the Jackson County, Illinois Health Department.

According to Health Department officials, the project is looking at the presence of lead in private water wells.

The Health Department is working with researchers from the University of Illinois and Northern Illinois University to provide eligible Jackson County residents served by private water wells with free testing.

Officials said lead in drinking water can damage brain development in children and progress kidney damage in adults.

“We would like to have 75 homes on private water wells participate in this project. Currently we have 35 homes signed up," Division of Environmental Health and Emergency Preparedness, Bart Hagston said. “We’d especially like to recruit homes from outside of Carbondale, Makanda, and Murphysboro townships, where we have an abundance of participants. If you live in one of the 13 other townships in Jackson County, are served by a private water well, and are interested in receiving a free lead test valued at $40, then please give us a call.”

Anyone wanting to participate must answer a few simple questions to determine eligibility. If you are selected you will receive a water sample kit and guidance from health department staff. Department officials said sampled will be shipped to the lab in a box you will be provided along with a prepaid shipping label.

The test results are sent to each participant in about two months. This project will be finished by January 2019.

Please contact Jackson County Health Department at 618/684-3143, ext. 128 to inquire about participating in this valuable research study.

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