McCaskill stops in Cape Girardeau on tour

McCaskill calls on investigation

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Senator Claire McCaskill stopped in Cape Girardeau, Missouri on Wednesday, October 17 as part of her “Your Health Care, Your Vote” tour.

She visited the Laborers’ Local 1104 on Enterprise St. around 11 a.m.

McCaskill discussed several topics, including the Affordable Care Act, pre-existing conditions and the high price of prescription drugs.

She said other countries have cheaper prescription medications because they directly negotiate with the drug companies, allowing them to have the lower prices.

“We’re not doing that in our country,” she said. “American’s are providing the bulk of the profits for the entire pharmaceutical industry in the world. It’s so unfair to Missourians, so we’ve got to get that bill across the finish line that allows the government to negotiate for lower prices based on the volume that we purchase. That’s the most important thing we can get done.”

McCaskill also discussed workers rights and dark money in politics.

We asked her about a video released on her campaign created by “Project Veritas Action.” The group claims McCaskill hides her political views depending on where in Missouri she’s speaking. They used hidden-camera footage of her and members of her campaign staff.

She called the video fake and compared it to a recent negative ad that referenced southeast Missouri.

“First of all, it’s all phoniness,” Sen. McCaskill said. “It’s kind of like the ad they’re running down here where I said I don’t care about the Bootheel. I’ve been down in this part of the country three times as often as Josh Hawley, and by the way, it is very interesting to me because they even cut off the rest of my sentence where I said I was working for every single vote.”

She said, in her opinion, there were crimes committed during the filming of the video, and she believed an investigation needs to happen.

McCaskill said her campaign will release more information surrounding the video soon.

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